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Hotels Fruit & Veg Supplier

Hotels are busy, fast-paced establishments which can often require large volumes of produce. With guest satisfaction being the key to running a highly-rated destination hotel, all food and beverages must be high-quality, delicious, and fresh.

Low-quality produce results in low-quality meals, so it’s very important to invest in a service that gives your hotel chefs plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to work with when cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner for your guests.

As a hotels fruit & veg supplier, Urban Grocer, supplies fresh, locally sourced, seasonal produce to hotels across Scotland’s central belt. We’ve been in the hotel supply business since 1947, so we understand the demands you face better than anyone.

We’re passionate about providing the best quality ingredients possible so that every meal you serve at your hotel will be five stars in quality!

Hotels Fresh Fruit & Veg Delivery Scotland

We deliver fruit & veg supplies to our hotel’s throughout Scotland’s central belt. We work with many hotels in busy tourist areas in Glasgow and Edinburgh, helping them to up the quality of their food with top-notch fresh produce.

All of our hotel’s fruit & veg supplies are delivered in a temperature-controlled van and adequately padded to ensure no bruising or squashing of the produce. Quality is our top priority at Urban Grocer and we’ll only provide you with products that you will be able to use right away.

Cut Down Preparation Times With Urban Grocer

We understand that preparation times can be a struggle for busy hotels, so we can provide prepared fruit and vegetables packs, delivered quickly and efficiently so you can save time on food preparation.

All of our prepared produce is freshly made each day, and delivered to you at a scheduled time.

Never worry about running behind when you partner with Urban Grocer!

Get High-Quality Seasonal Fruit & Veg in Scotland

Scottish hotels are great tourist destinations, and tourists love nothing more than getting to try local, seasonal dishes during their stays.

As a Glasgow-based supplier, we have been sourcing locally produced, seasonal fruits & vegetables for hotels for decades. We have fantastic local partnerships that allow us to source the high-quality seasonal produce which we deliver to you.

Get delicious, fresh, seasonal produce with Urban Grocer

Partner With Hotels Fruit & Veg Supplier

If you would like to work with an established and reliable hotel fruit and veg supplier, partner with Urban Grocer today.

Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can provide for your hotel and how we can help you optimise your fruit & veg deliveries to ensure you get everything you need.

Give your guests the best experience possible when Urban Grocer supplies you!

Contact Our Team Today

Reach out to our helpful team today with any questions you may have to discuss your fruit and vegetable supply needs.

We are more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. Source only the best in high-quality vegetables for your customers today!