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Who We Are & What We Do

Fresh food has always been our passion. We are a family run business whose roots in the industry began way back in 1947, when we started our journey into wholesaling fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve never looked back.

Through successive generations our family business has continued to nurture our products and service and in 2013 Urban Grocer was born. We stared to supply fresh produce straight to restaurant kitchens, and now we have taken our expertise and can offer this service directly to your kitchen.

We Are All About Delivering Quality Foods

The ingredients you use are everything – they must be the best!

The difference between ok produce and excellent quality, seasonal produce will make a fundamental difference to the quality of
your meal and dining experience.

For Urban Grocer Family, providing high quality veg and fruit isn’t purely about the flavour or even the health benefits, it’s about a thoughtful process that encompasses our field to fork belief.

We strive to deliver locally grown, ethically sourced, sustainable produce that will enhance your eating experience.