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Event Catering Fruit & Veg Supplier

Event catering can be stressful – if you don’t receive your produce in a timely manner, or if it’s not up to the standard you expected, you may find yourself struggling to provide the guests with food that lives up to expectations.

At Urban Grocer, we make sure this doesn’t happen. We remove the stress of sourcing your fresh produce by providing a vast assortment of high-quality fruit and vegetables for event catering across Scotland’s central belt.

We’ve been providing event catering companies across Scotland since 1947, so we know how to meet the industry demands with high-quality produce and service.

We’re passionate about the quality of our produce and do everything possible to ensure you receive nothing but the best fruit & veg supplies for your event catering services when you choose to shop with us.

Fresh Catering Supplies Delivery Scotland

We offer delivery of fresh fruit & veg within Scotland’s central belt, including within busy areas in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We supply catering events of all sizes and demands, offering quick and timely delivery, which keeps your operations running according to plan.

All of our produce is transported in temperature-controlled vans to ensure freshness and we ensure it is packaged adequate for its protection. We’ll only ever provide you with produce in perfect condition for use.

Reduce Prep Times With Urban Grocer

We understand that catering an event takes a lot of prep work. As you need everything to be ready on-time and you need refills throughout the night, prep time can take up a lot of important resources.

To help reduce your prep time, we provide a variety of prepared fruit & veg for your catering event. Our chopped produce packs are prepared fresh every day and delivered to you during a chosen time-slot. We are always efficient, on-time and organised.

Cut your prep time with Urban Grocer today!

Get High-Quality Seasonal & Local Produce

Creating a menu for an event can be tricky. Some events may request seasonal dishes, or even locally-sourced meals.

Impress your guests with a range of seasonal and locally produced fruit & veg when you partner with Urban Grocer. As a reputable glasgow-based supplier, we have a network of local connections which help us to source the best local and seasonal produce available in Scotland.

Get fresh, seasonal produce today!

Partner With The Best Catering Fruit & Veg Supplier

If you would like to partner with our catering fruit & veg supplier services, please get in touch with us to learn more about what we can offer your catering business.

We can help catering companies of all different sizes and demands. As a top Scottish provider of fresh fruit & vegetables, we’re always happy to help provide you with the best quality ingredients for your catering needs. We can help supply your business with one-off catering jobs or can provide you with a partnership for your long-term supply needs.

Whatever your needs, acquire your supplies with Urban Grocer for exceptional produce and fantastic service.

Contact Our Team Today

Reach out to our helpful team today with any questions you may have to discuss your fruit and vegetable supply needs.

We are more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. Source only the best in high-quality vegetables for your customers today!